Caveat Emptor Update


We are in the first month of our new lease! The lease is only for a year, so we’re not out of the woods yet, but honestly we were pretty sure we’d have to close. The landlords were very nice to us and we are thankful to them and the book-buying community for another chance to save our wonderful institution. Honestly, we have no idea what the future holds beyond that.

We are still of the opinion that the only way to have a sustainable, long-term, viable business model for this independent/local-owned business is to be in our own building. As gracious as our landlords are, we will not be able to compete indefinitely with the bars, restaurants and deep pockets of businesses that have multiple investors and outside money.

But we will continue to fight the good fight and for now, we want to make the most of the next 12 months.

Store Hours:

With our new lease, we are able to afford to go back to full hours! We are returning to our regular schedule:

Monday: Noon-8pm

Tuesday: Noon-8pm

Wednesday: Noon-8pm

Thursday: Noon-8pm

Friday: Noon-9pm

Saturday: 10am-9pm

Sunday: Noon-5pm

Book Bucks:

We are distributing at least $10,000 worth of book certificates to schools, historical/educational institutions and IU departments this semester! We are beyond excited about this program and nothing makes us happier than when students come into our store EXCITED about books and reading! They hand us the certificate and we hand them free books. That, in a nutshell, is why we do this.

Eventually, we will have a whole blog post and FAQ page on our website about the program, but for now, here’s how you can participate:

  • Donate books. All books donated to the program receive double amount of store credit: we take what we would normally give in store credit it and match it for any books given to us. Contact us if you have books you’d like to bring in for the cause. If you have a lot of books (200+), we can arrange a pick-up. Please don’t just drop them off if you have more than a small box; space is always at a premium and we have to shift things around.

  • Spread the word to teachers, educational institutions, departments, etc. We are always looking for worthy recipients! No reasonable request for participation is denied. If we don’t have the funds in the program at that moment, we’ll put you on the list. Teachers, librarians, school administrators, classrooms, whole schools (!), IU/Ivy Tech/other departments simply need to contact us; we would love to distribute certificates to your organization.

  • Recycle your books throughout our community. Buy locally instead of online. Come on in to the store every once in a while. Go to the library sales. Visit our friends at the The Book Corner. Our mission is the flow of books (and the knowledge, culture, history, and progress they represent) throughout our little corner of the world. We are trying to develop a book ecosystem in our community! If all book lovers participated just a little in this process, we’d have a thriving bookstore for the remainder of this century!


  • We are looking to hire one part-time employee.

  • Obviously it will need to be someone who loves books, but also has an understanding of our situation. It is not a high-paying job, but it is rewarding and they will get to work at a Bloomington/IU institution surrounded by books.

  • Everyone is welcome to apply. There are only a few restrictions in our consideration for the job:

    • Due to the physical nature of the job (books are heavy), the applicant must be able to lift heavy boxes of books. Not only do they need to be able to heft and carry boxes, but they need to be able to do it for long periods on some days when we are hauling books all day.

    • We are obviously looking for all the regular attributes of a fine citizen: conscientiousness, honesty, good work ethic, reliability, good interpersonal skills, etc.

Thanks for your continued support. Read more, hate less.

Thanks for reading!

~ Caveat Emptor